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I’ve really improved my health, both physically and mentally, since coming to Yoga Garden.  I’ve lost 40 pounds!  And I feel great!  I sleep without medication.  I’ve also been eating vegan since February and all of my medical test scores are now super.  I feel the best I have in 30 years. Thank you!!!

I just have to tell you I feel absolutely AMAZING!!!  I wish everyone could feel as awesome as I do right now!!!  I feel so at peace, its crazy and one of the best feelings ever!!!!  Thank you thank you thank you thank you!! What a release!!!!

Thank you so much for all of the time and energy that you gave to us this past weekend and again in typing this up.  I have been to many workshops that have touched me but your workshop moved me on a deeper level.  I have been seeing such a difference in the way I speak and think about things. I have also strengthened my practice and eating habits. I have even began to really feel the healing process with my shoulder. I read back through my journal and was surprised to see that several weeks ago I felt out of balance in my throat, heart, and power centers.  Which is almost exactly what we talked about could be a place to start working on my shoulder. It was a blessing that you came to our little yoga community and brought such wisdom to share. Thank you for living what you are teaching and sharing straight from the heart!

Your class Saturday was the MOST AMAZING class of my entire life…I’m so glad I was there visiting and was able to make it.  You are beautiful by the way and a WONDERFUL instructor.  Many blessings coming your way!!!  Om Shanti

I can’t thank you enough for the amount of time you had spent with me and making me feel welcome.  You are such a great giving person, and I can’t thank you enough for helping me.  I now also understand more when you use the term love and light, it now has a meaning to me that I can understand.  You are such a great positive influence to me!!!!  That means more than you could imagine.

I can’t tell you how many months I’ve looked at your website and class schedule hoping to come in and meet you and take a class.  (My husband) said I would love it and he was absolutely right.  I really look forward to coming in more consistently and making yoga a bigger part of my life.  Thanks for all your help on Sunday especially with the handstand!

I adore you so! I told my teacher training cohort that you are my NC guru and that they MUST take a class with you if they visit Raleigh. :-) . You know how much I love your effervescent spirit! If all goes well with the goals I have, I will be learning from you on a regular basis (smile).

I am very grateful that my mom found you, your studio, your teaching…”when the student is ready, the teacher appears.”  She clearly has developed a level of trust with you and your teaching to allow herself that all important guidance on the inward journey.  I’m sure she has expressed her appreciation to you in that regard, but I also wanted to let you know how much of a positive impact your teaching has made in her life.  It is good to be reminded that your efforts make a big difference!

I am SOOOOOO into your studio right now.. I am telling EVERYONE I know.. trying to get them to join me for a class!!! I have been 3 times to class with you…..I am hooked!

… I got so much out of the discussions on the rEtreat -some incredibly helpful & thought provoking stuff. Thank you Margaret, you are a special teacher.

Loved it.  I will definitely be back.  I love your space!!!   I’m so happy to have found you :)

First of all my Glutes are feeling it–thanks! I has such a wonderful practice yesterday at your place. I loved your class too. I could not stop talking about the strong positive energy that we get from you. Thanks for being so open and generous with your time and studio. I’ve been looking for inspiration from such a yogic bright-star down south for a long time. I must say that you have such an inner and outer beauty too. Funny how sometimes you can just meet someone once but feel a strong connection as though you’ve known them for longer. We both got that vibe from you.

An hour a week with you is a blessing!  Thank you so very much!!!

You have NO idea the great energy that comes from your studio or your teachers including yourself. If it wasn’t for my demanding work  schedule I would LOVE to be there everyday!!!  I love the environment you have created, and you are amazing!!!!!! You truly are.  You have changed my life for the better and the way I think of  things.  It is a process but with your help, I am really working on being a better person, and of course working on  my asanas.

Dear teacher
I would like to thank you for the support through my Yoga path.
Today i had my first class with the  teachers.
I was very excited before and went back and read the comments we had at the weekend workshop.
I prepared myself as well as I could.
The class was great.
It was not perfect but it as all mine.
I couldn’t stop smiling while driving home from school.
For the last four years I’m working to achieve this goal and it was incredible feeling to be at this spot.

When I first came to your yoga class last year, I was weak and rather fragile.  Immediately your grace and compassion reached out to me.  Thank you for sharing your yoga practice in such a gentle and beautiful way.  Healing has come as I’ve stretched my body,  mind and spirit.  Namaste.

Thank you for helping me find my ‘third-eye’.

Thank you for your wonderful yoga classes.  They really do make a difference!

Thank you for all that you have given me.  I will always appreciate your inspiration and instruction in the art of yoga and everything it stands for.  Namaste.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful spirit.  Your guidance has been a blessing in my life.

Your love and support has helped me throughout this past year in ways you do not know.  Having you be a part of my life has made me a stronger person…. Thank you for giving me the gift of yoga in many ways.  Opening up your classes to me even when I can’t afford it has made all the difference for me.  It has given me a home base.  A place to reconnect with myself in such a busy world and remind myself what is really important – and to live in the moment… You have shown me what a special thing it is to share your knowledge and love through teaching.

Thank you!!  I heard so many comments about how wonderful the practice was for everyone at the retreat and they so appreciated that you were willing to come all that way for us!  Your calm manner, gracefulness and ease of instruction made for an enjoyable and enlightening experience.  I’m sure there will be some new students to yoga!

You are an incredible teacher and mentor!

I just wanted to thank you for meeting me this morning.  I appreciate you taking the time to put together a combo of poses to help me relax and send all the energy to the right places.  Your classes have been absolutely wonderful for helping me calm my mind.  You have such a great energy around you.  I am so glad I get to share that energy in your class.

I am so very busy and yet compelled to write anyhow.  I have been sick this week and on antibiotics.  I went to Dharma’s class on Thursday.  She is currently my favorite teacher, but I have had a few over the years within your school.  She always expertly tailors the class to who is there.  She so lovingly structured the class around me.  The school is blessed to have her.

You have opened my eyes to the mind-strengthening attributes of yoga as well as the physical strengthening benefits.

Thanks for the email and for all your encouragement.  I felt great after class.  No issues.  I always love being in your class.  You are a wonderful teacher-so peaceful and grounded.

I just wanted to say thank you for being such an outstanding teacher.  I learned more in the four weeks than most people I know who’ve been going to classes for 6 months… Thank you for making me an addict.

I so enjoyed my classes on Sunday!  It was wonderful to spend time with you.  You are a special woman, friend, teacher in my life!

Thank you so much for the recommendation of this book.  I believe so much in Karma and how everything happens for a reason.  I am so glad I was brought to you.  I have been working very hard for the last year or so on self acceptance and self confidence.  I did not kno why but yoga seems to be necessary for not only my physical health but mental health as well.  I have only read the first part of the book but it is EXACTLY where I am right now.  The part about connection to self and how you see yourself affects how you view and interact with the world.  I am starting to get that now.  I think that’s why (I like your yoga class).  (Other classes) are technically very good but I think the spiritual connection is missing and for me yoga is spiritual.  Yoga helps me connect with myself and just to be in the moment without judgement.  I know it’s kinda weird for me to tell you all this, but I just wanted to say thank you.  I want you to know you impact and touch people’s lives in more ways than you know through yoga.

I have really enjoyed taking yoga with you this past year!  It is for me a new discovery and you are making it very special.  I enjoy your teaching, your kindness, your friendship and your dedication to what you do.

Hello Dharma, thank you for your unique approach to yoga practice at (studio). It was a privilege and a gift to be inspired so. My practice is renewed. Namaste.

Great class today… It feels great to be back,and thank you again for a wonderful class and always helping set the great intention for the day….You are indeed a treasure..Oh by the way, I love the rose medetation…Have a great day,and God Bless you…


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